Business Travel / Extended Stay

Short-term or extended stay business travel can often be a grueling and stressful endeavor.  To maximize work efficiency and effectiveness, company executives and employees need comfortable housing that is both affordable and near their workplace.

SRX International is your one stop shop to find furnished apartments for business travelers. Our units are fully equipped with modern amenities and their ideal location in Downtown Seattle ensures an easy commute to wherever you are doing business.

Every one of our furnished apartments include all amenities of a real home, and features fully-equipped kitchens for dining in, washers and dryers, and at-your-request maid service for convenience and to help lower personal and company expenses.  We also provide high-speed internet access so communicating with clients, colleagues, and family is easy during your stay.

Are you traveling to Seattle for business and need temporary or short term accommodations? We work closely with the Travel and HR departments within our client’s client firms to ensure we are meeting the needs of our business guests. Contact SRX International to see how we can help.